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Dining Room

Your dining room is where you break bread with friends and get together as a family. Choosing the right dining room suite is very important.

Was R48,999
Now R39,999
Save R9,000
Was R58,999
Now R48,999
Save R10,000
Was R3,499
Now R2,399
Save R1,100
Was R54,999
Now R46,999
Save R8,000
Was R47,999
Now R39,999
Save R8,000
Was R44,999
Now R36,999
Save R8,000
Was R11,499
Now R7,499
Save R4,000
Was R15,999
Now R10,999
Save R5,000
Was R3,599
Now R2,999
Save R600
Was R34,999
Now R24,999
Save R10,000
Was R3,299
Now R2,499
Save R800
Was R2,499
Now R1,599
Save R900


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